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How to use Replacement Tokens

How to use the Replacement Tokens

Replacement Tokens are used to easily customize templates for any group you schedule it to.

Tokens such as [host], [link], and [text], are placed in Template posts to personalize them whenever they are scheduled. No need to manually edit your posts to change a name or link every time you want to use a template!

Use Tokens in your Template, to be replaced with new words later

For example, enter [host], [link], or [text] in this format in any post of your Template.
Later, when you schedule the Template to any Event or Group, the system will prompt you to input the keywords of your choice to replace the tokens found in your Template.

Here are some examples (remember to use your own):
“Mary” for the [host] token
“” for the [link] token
“Friday, June 11” for the [text] token, etc.

These replacement keywords will automatically be swapped for the tokens in your posts in your new Event or Group.

Get Started with Templates on Social Glow

1. Create Tokens in Your Template

Replacement Tokens only work when Tokens are added properly to the Template posts.
When creating posts for your Template, insert text like this in the message box to be used as Tokens:
[host] in place of your host’s name
[link] instead of a personalized shopping link or any website link you plan on changing up each time you use this Template
[text] for any word or short phrase you might need to change often, like the start time or date of the Event, a special keyword for an interactive game, or the deadline for taking orders, etc.
Example: “Thanks for joining me and [host] as we kick off the fun on [text]! Check out ordering info here at [link] anytime during the Event!”

Insert Tokens in Template Posts to be replaced later

TIP: If you received a Shared Template from another Social Glow user, be sure to review the posts to understand the context for how these tokens are used. This helps you know what Replacements to use when scheduling.

2. Replacing the Tokens when Scheduling

When you are ready to schedule the Template to an Event or Group, the system uses a simple ‘find and replace’ technique to change the Tokens to your choice keywords, all at once.

Scheduling the Template will prompt you for keywords to replace tokens

TIP: Double check your posts once scheduled, because if you discover a mistaken keyword, it would be easiest to fix it right away: select all the posts, and choose to Delete from the Actions options. Then try scheduling the Template again with the correct information.

Once scheduled, you can no longer use the Tokens in the Event/Group posts.

However, you can still edit any posts before they go out and it might be easiest to use your actual keywords directly in these scheduled posts at this point.

When your Template is scheduled correctly, Replacement Tokens should look like this:

Example: “Thanks for joining me and Mary as we kick off the fun on Friday, June 11! Check out ordering info here at anytime during the Event!”

Keywords will replace tokens once scheduled

Adding New Posts or Scheduling a Template to an Event or Group

More Tips

You can further customize Tokens to fit the needs of your text in the message box.
You can add an ‘s to the [host] token to make it possessive, and the system will still use your keyword throughout the Template:
- [host]
“How do you know Sam?”
- [host]’s
“Welcome to Sam’s party!”

Add an extension to the [link] token. This might be handy for directing guests to a certain section of your main website (such as recipes or catalog):
- [link]
- [link]/dashboard

As you become more familiar, you can branch out and use ANY WORD to be your token!
For example, [host1] and [host2] will be separate prompts for different replacements.

You can use ANY word as a Token in Template posts, as long as you use the proper brackets
[catalog] and [keyword] could also be replaced with your chosen keywords throughout the Template. You can now create tokens in any way that makes the most sense to you!

You can use any word or URL as Keywords for any Token

Tokens can be either lowercase or uppercase, but only 1 replacement token per word. For example, [HOST] and [host] and [Host], will all be replaced with keyword Mary.

Only use [these] brackets for Tokens in your Template

Do not add spaces in Tokens

Do not add extra characters in Tokens

Updated on: 28/01/2023

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