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Create a Paywall | Subscriptions and One-Time Fees


Set up a paywall to access your groups and courses here. This can be a one-time fee, or a recurring subscription.

From the SocialGlow dashboard, click Payments from the menu.

You'll be directed to the Paywall tab. Click the Create Paywall button.

Enter the following, which the customer will see during checkout:
Display Name
Checkout Description

Then click Next Step.

Enter Pricing details:
Payment Type: One-Time Fee, or Subscription
Payment Price: The cost of this item

If a Subscription type is selected, you will have the option to add a free trial, and frequency of subscription charge.

The price entered here has a minimum of $0.50 USD. This is the minimum amount Stripe allows.

Then click Next Step.

Enter Access details:
From the dropdown box provided, select which of your groups and/or courses this paywall will be applied to.

Lastly, click the Create button.

This item is now available for purchase.

How to Share a Group or Course for Purchase:

Back under the Paywalls tab, click the Checkout URL icon under the Actions column.

A new window will pop up, with the link you'll want to share with your clients.

That link leads to page where your customer can complete checkout for that item. Once the purchase is completed, that customer will have access to that group or course.

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Updated on: 22/02/2024

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