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How to Cancel a Member's Subscription to Your Group

How does a customer cancel their subscription to my group?

If you've created a paywall for a group in a recurring subscription format, you may come across a situation where a member of that group decides they want to cancel that subscription.

To better aid in your retention rate, we do not provide the option for your group members to cancel a subscription from their end. They would need to reach out to you with this request, where you'd be able to handle any objections and address any reasons for cancelling. In best cases, this can result in your retaining them as a customer.

Provide your preferred steps for cancellation

Decide how you'd like your customers to contact you regarding canceling.

This could be as simple as sending you a private chat or emailing, or you could share something more custom like a Google Form for them to fill out.

Communicate these steps with your customers.

Some ideas of where you could share this on SocialGlow, depending on what works best for your business:
The group description
Posts and comments
The paywall description
As a Link Button, if wanting to direct to a link (like a Google Form or other document)
As a file in the group

Cancel their subscription within Stripe.

If you decide your customer is eligible and want to proceed to cancel their subscription, this is done directly from your Stripe account.

Here are the full steps on how to cancel a subscription from Stripe:

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Updated on: 05/01/2024

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