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How to Delete a Library or Library Post

How to delete a library, or an individual library post

Deleting a Library

From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Post library.

Under the Actions column, click the Delete icon beside the Library you want to delete.

While that Library will be deleted, any posts in that library will still show in the All Posts tab.

Deleting a Library Post

From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Post library.

Click on the name of the library your post is in. OR click the All Posts tab at the top of the page.

Navigate to that post, and click the Delete (trash can) icon in the left corner of the post.

If you want to delete multiple posts from a library: Select the posts using the check box in the right corner of the posts, then use the delete button on the bottom of the page. Remember to stay on the page - don't try to delete posts from multiple pages as leaving the page will uncheck any previously checked posts.

Updated on: 04/02/2023

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