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Post Library Overview

How to use the Post Library

The Post Library is a great way to store and organize individual posts.

This is an overview of the entire Post Library - if you wish to find more specific articles, please check out our Post Library Helpdesk!

From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Post Library from the lefthand column.

Near the top of the page are two tabs:
Libraries - These are the categories/folders to organize your individual posts. As you add new libraries, they will be listed here.
All Posts. - This lists all posts you have saved to your Post Library.

Creating a Library

From the Libraries tab, click the Create New Library button near the top of the page.

Name your new Library and click Create and Go to Library. It will now be accessible from the menu and you’re ready to add posts.

There is no limit to how many libraries you can create.

Adding Posts to your Post Library

There are different ways you can add posts to your library. Click and of the options below to learn how.

Adding Posts to your Post Library

Library Posts

Each library post has several options:
Edit - This is where you can open up that post and make any changes to it, including adding tags and comments.
Delete - Select this to permanently delete this post from the Post Library.
Add to Template - Check this box to add this post to a template. Learn more here.

Post Now - Select this to immediately post to one of your groups.
Schedule Post - Choose this to schedule this post to your group for a later time.

There is a search field at the top of each Library, and the All tab. This helps to find a particular post using keywords or tags that would be in the post.

Learn more about using your Post Library here:
How to Add Library Posts to your Group
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Updated on: 07/02/2023

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