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How to Organize Posts in your Library

Organizing your Library Posts

This will walk you through the different ways you can categorize and organize your library posts. If you want to find a more general overview of the Post Library, please see this article.

Your library posts can be organized a variety of ways, including Libraries and Tags.

Creating a Library

Think of your Libraries as folders where you can store individual posts by category. You can create as many as needed, and in any category or topic you want.

From the Libraries tab, click the Create New Library button near the top of the page.

Name your new Library and click Create and Go to Library. It will now be accessible from the menu and you’re ready to add posts.

There is no limit to how many libraries you can create.

How to add Tags to your posts

Adding tags to your posts is the easiest way to easily find and group together similar posts within your folders. Just type your tag into the search box and click enter.

From your library post, click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil).

Beneath the Message of that post is the Tag section. Type in any tags that you want to add to that post.

Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

There is no limit to how many tags you can add on each post so you can use what you need to best be able to organize and find your posts.

How to search for your post using Tags

Now when you type in any of your tags in the Search box, it will filter all posts with that tag.

From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Post library

Click the All posts tab at the top.

Use the Search function to type in the name of any tag you have used. All posts you have added that tag to will now be listed.

Updated on: 13/02/2023

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