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How to Share Templates - Export, Transfer a Template to another User

How to Share Templates

It's super easy to share templates with other SocialGlow subscribers!

It's a good idea to let them know if the template contains any Replacement Tokens, and the context they were used in - that way they have an idea of what sort of information they'll want to enter when scheduling that template to their own group.

To share a template, go to your templates List, and click the Share icon on the far right column.

The system will generate a shareable link for this template so you can copy and share it.

Via Link: You can share that link with another SocialGlow subscriber however you typically communicate with that person - such as text, a group chat, a meeting room, etc.

Via Email: You can also choose to email the link directly to another SocialGlow user. Make sure it's the same email they used to create their own SocialGlow account.

Learn more about shared templates here: Save a Shared Template from another User

Updated on: 30/01/2023

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