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Integrations: Stripe - How to automatically send a SocialGlow group invitation to a new subscriber

Consider the following situation:

Say someone signs up for a subscription or product of yours, which includes access to your SocialGlow group. Instead of having to manually send them your group code, you can automate this action instead.

This is done by connecting your SocialGlow account to Zapier, and integrating with Stripe (a popular payment processing app).

Within Zapier, you can set up a series of triggers-and-actions. In this example, once your trigger is engaged (the purchase of your subscription), Zapier communicates that to SocialGlow and your action (an email invitation to your SocialGlow group) will be immediately dispatched.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a sort of mediator between over 5,000 apps, the glue connecting your different web integrations together. This is where you can create your Zaps, which is what Zapier calls those triggers-and-actions mentioned above.

For the purposes of this article, we will assume you have a Zapier account that is connected to your SocialGlow.
If not, you'll want to follow the steps in this article before proceeding.

We will also presume you have set up your product within your Stripe account.
If not, you log into your Stripe account, then create your product(s).

This article walks you through how to create a product. In order for Stripe to consider your product a subscription, you would want to create that product as a recurring charge.

Locate your Product ID

First, we'll need to locate the Product ID of the exact product/subscription you're wanting to set up an automation for.

Log in to your Stripe account

Select the Products tab at the top of your Stripe dashboard

All of your products will be listed here, click on the name of the product you want to work with.

In the top right corner, the Product ID will be shown. You will need to use this ID later in this article, so you'll want to copy this, or keep this page open to reference.

Create a Zap

Next, you'll be creating the trigger-and-action (or, Zap).
Log in to your Zapier account, and click Create Zap.


Under the Trigger heading, search for the Stripe app

Under Event, choose New Subscription, then click Continue.

Beside Connect Stripe, use the Sign In button. A new box will pop up with a series of steps to link your Stripe and Zapier accounts. Once your accounts are linked, click Continue.

Zapier will now want to test out the trigger you had just created. click the Test Trigger button.

From the dropdown box, select one of your subscriptions. Then click Continue.

Note: Stripe labels your subscriptions here as Subscription A, Subscription B, Subscription C, etc. You can select any of the subscriptions listed here, as it's only needed for testing the connectivity to your Stripe account.


Click the Filter icon. You may need to scroll down a bit to see this feature listed.

On this next step, we're setting up the exact conditions in which you want your action to be triggered. In this case, you'd want to be certain to choose:
Plan Product
(Text) exactly matches
In this third box, paste the Product ID you had copied from Stripe earlier
Click Continue

For more information about adding a filter to your Zaps, this article may be helpful.

Stripe will ask you to test that action. If the testing is successful, you should receive a screen similar to the one below, indicating that Zap would have continued. Click Continue.

Next you'll be asked to select the app you're wanting your action to take place in. Search for and select SocialGlow (all one word, no spaces).

From the Event dropdown box, select Invite Member, then click Continue.

If your SocialGlow account doesn't already show connected here, click Sign In and follow the prompts to connect your SocialGlow account. Then click Continue.

Under Member Email:
First, select New Subscription in Stripe
Then, select Customer Email

You'll notice an email address beside that Customer Email selection. This is only referring to the email address used within the testing of this Zap, and does not limit the Zap to that email address only.

Under Group Code, enter the Group Code of the SocialGlow group you want your new subscribers to be invited to. Click Continue.

Zapier will want to give this one final test. Click Test Trigger.

This will cause the email address listed here to receive an email invitation to your SocialGlow group. If you do not want that email sent, you can click Skip Test instead. Please keep in mind if you skip the test, you will not receive confirmation that your Zap is successful.

If the test was successful, you will receive confirmation that the Member was sent an invitation.

Here is a sample of how that email will appear. they will be able to click the Join button from there:

Updated on: 03/04/2023

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