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Courses Overview

Courses Overview

This feature can be used independent of a group, or used to incorporate lessons in a group.

Courses are available to those with a Plus or Premium subscription.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions.

Create a New Course

From your dashboard, click Courses

Click the Create New Course button at the top of the page

Enter the details of this Course:
Fill in the name and description
Upload a cover photo

Click Save to save your progress

If you want this Course to be visible in your selected groups immediately, toggle the tab in the top right from Draft to Published


Drip Settings: This is an optional feature that releases your videos on a schedule instead of all at once.

Off: Select this if you want all of your lessons in this course to be available immediately
Student Enrollment Date: This would start your course rollout on the date your group member first joins that group.
On a Specific Date: You can select the date you want your lessons to be available.


Add to Group: From the dropdown box provided, select the group(s) you want to add this course to.
Show Course to specific members: If you do not want this course to be available for all members of the group(s) selected, toggle on the switch for this feature, and click Add Members.
You can then select the individual members you want to have access to this course.
Course Members: Members who have begun this course will be listed at the bottom of this page.

Creating the Structure of your Course

Adding Chapters: Chapters are used to break your Courses down into smaller sections
From the Add Content dropdown box, select Add Chapter
Enter the Name of that chapter
Click Save

Adding Lessons
From the Add Content dropdown box, select Add Lesson
Fill in the name and description
If you want this Lesson to be added to a Chapter, select that Chapter from the dropdown box provided
Enter either the video link, OR upload the media you want to use
(optional) You can type or paste in a transcript for this video
Upload Files: You can upload files (such as .pdf, .jpg, .doc, .xml, etc.). These will show as clickable attachments under this video lesson.
Action Items: This optional feature allows you to list items for the member to check off as completed.
Click Save

Release 0 days after enrollment: If you had selected any Drip Setting option within your group settings, you'll see this option. This dictates the date this lesson will be released. If "0" is selected, it will be available immediately. If "1" is selected, it will be available 1 day after enrollment, etc.

If you want this Lesson to be published to this Course immediately, toggle the tab in the top right from Draft to Published

Viewing a course added to a group:

From the mobile app:

Tap the Courses icon from your bottom taskbar

All courses you are a member of will be listed here. Click on any to participate.

From the Website:

Navigate to a Group you have added a Course to

At the top of your Group, click the Courses tab

Click on any Lesson to open it.
Beneath each video are 4 tabs:
Overview: This includes the description, any files or actions you had included, and the Mark as Done button to complete that Lesson.
Discussion: Your group members can comment on each lesson, which will be seen by other group members and prompt a new post that group.
Note: Any discussion on a course will only be seen by members of that same group, even if you have uploaded this same course to a different group.
Notebook: Your group members can take personal notes here, and review them anytime.
Transcript: Any transcript you had included will show here.

There is a Progress Bar at the top of each Course. To increase your progress, be sure to click Mark as Done on any Lesson completed.

Learn how to share a course independently from a group:

How to Share a Course

Updated on: 23/03/2024

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