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How to Share a Course

How to Share your Group

You are able to share a course independently, without it being attached to a group.

Click Courses from your dashboard menu.

Under the Actions column, click the Share icon beside the course you're wanting to share.

Note: If the Share icon is grayed out, this means that course needs to be published first. Go to that course's settings to change it from a draft to published.

A new window will pop up, with the link you can use to share this course with others.

When this link is clicked, the user will be prompted to join via their web browser.
If the user is brand new to SocialGlow, they can use the Click Here to Join button, to create a free account and gain access to your course.
If the user already has a SocialGlow account, they can use the Login button to gain access

All Chapters and Lessons will be listed in a column to the left.

Click on any Lesson to open it and watch the video.

Beneath each video are 3 tabs:
Overview: This includes the description, any files or actions you had included, and the Mark as Done button to complete that Lesson.
Note: Any discussion on a course will only be seen by members of that same group, even if you have uploaded this same course to a different group.
Notebook: Participants can take personal notes here, and review them anytime.
Transcript: Any transcript you had included will show here.

There is a Progress Bar at the top of each Course. To increase your progress, be sure to complete any Action items and click Mark as Done on any Lesson completed.

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Updated on: 22/02/2024

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