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Edit an Existing Course

Courses are available to those with a Plus or Premium subscription.

Courses can be used to incorporate lessons in any of your Groups.

This article will cover how to edit lessons of an existing Course.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive overview of Courses, please click here.

To navigate to a course's structure:

Select Courses from your dashboard menu.
Click on the name of the course you'd like to edit.
Select the Structure tab near the top of the page.


How to edit a course lesson:

Click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil) beside any lesson.
This will re-open that existing lesson, and you can change anything you'd like.
Click the Save button.

How to edit a chapter title

Click the Edit icon (looks like a pencil) beside the existing chapter name.
A new window will pop up. Enter your preferred chapter title.
Click the Save button.

Rearrange your lessons and chapters

Click and hold the Drag-and-Move icon beside the lesson or chapter you want to move.
Drag that item to the location you want it, and release.
That lesson/chapter will now stay in that location unless moved again.

Tip: Dragging a chapter will also move along any lessons in that chapter.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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