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Create your Course Structure | Add Chapters and Lessons

Courses are available to those with a Plus or Premium subscription.

Courses can be used to incorporate lessons in any of your Groups.

This article will cover how to add chapters and lessons to a Course.

If you're looking for a more comprehensive overview of Courses, please click here.

To navigate to a course's structure:

Select Courses from your dashboard menu.
Click on the name of the course you'd like to edit.
Select the Structure tab near the top of the page.

Creating the Structure of your Course

Adding Chapters: Chapters are used to break your Courses down into smaller sections
From the Add Content dropdown box, select Add Chapter
Enter the Name of that chapter
Click Save

Adding Lessons
From the Add Content dropdown box, select Add Lesson
Fill in the name and description
If you want this Lesson to be added to a Chapter, select that Chapter from the dropdown box provided
Enter either the video link, OR upload the media you want to use
(optional) You can type or paste in a transcript for this video
Upload Files: You can upload files (gif, jpg, jpeg, png, webp, mp4, mov, pdf, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, doc, docx, mp3, wav, m4a). These will show as clickable attachments under this video lesson.
Action Items: This optional feature allows you to list items for the member to check off as completed.
Click Save

Release 0 days after enrollment: If you had selected any Drip Setting option within your group settings, you'll see this option. This dictates the date this lesson will be released. If "0" is selected, it will be available immediately. If "1" is selected, it will be available 1 day after enrollment, etc.

If you want this Lesson to be published to this Course immediately, toggle the tab in the top right from Draft to Published

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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