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How to Join a SocialGlow Group

How to Join a SocialGlow Group

Have you been sent a code or link to a SocialGlow group? This guide will walk you through how to use that code/link to join the group.
You can join from both the mobile app, and from the website.

Note: This guide is intended for those who already have a free SocialGlow account.

If you are brand new to SocialGlow and don't have a free account yet, the video at the top of the following article will be a better fit for you!

From the Mobile App (recommended for easiest use)

After logging in to the app, click the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar.

Click the + button, near the top of the page.

Enter the group code or link that was sent to you.

You'll then be shown the details of that group. You can use the Join Group button given there, and you'll be immediately directed to that group's page.

From the Website

Codes cannot be used for website use, only links. If you were only sent a code instead of a link, you can use the mobile app instead.

Click on the link that was shared with you, or copy/paste it into your internet browser.

Join the Group:

If you are not already logged into your SocialGlow account, click the Login button and sign into your account:

Once it shows you are logged in, select the Click Here to Join button:

You'll then be a member of that group, and immediately directed to that group's page.

Updated on: 27/12/2023

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