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What your Members can Expect

What your Members Can Expect

Those you invite to your Groups can interact from either the Desktop site, Mobile website, or Mobile App.
This guide will go over a Member's view from the Mobile App, but these same features are available on the website versions as well. It may just look a bit different than what is shown here.

We strongly recommend both you and your members using the mobile app whenever possible.

Feel free to send this quick video along with your invites! It will help guide your guests in downloading and using the app:

You can watch the full video tutorial on how to use the app below or continue reading for written instructions.

Joining your Group

When folks use the invite link or code you send them, they will be taken to an RSVP page where they can see the details of your group.

This process is a bit different, depending on if they already have a free SocialGlow account or not. I'll break down both of those scenarios below.

If they are new to SocialGlow:
After opening the mobile app, they'd click the Enter Invite Code button.

They'll enter the Invite code or link you had sent them, and join your group.
Next they'll be prompted to create a free account. (They'd enter basic info like, name, email, and to create a password).
If you had created any Membership Approval questions for this group, they will be asked to answer those at this time.
Lastly, they'll be directed to your group they just joined.

If they have created a free SocialGlow account before:
After they're logged into the mobile app, they would click the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar.

Then, they'd click the Join with Code button.

Lastly, they'd enter the invite code or link you had sent to them, and be directed immediately to your group.

Key Features of Members' free account:

View and interact with posts in their feed and groups they're in
Comment on posts
Add posts and products to their Favorites
Post to groups they're a member of (unless the Admin has turned off this ability)
View and respond to any group chat messages
Privately chat directly with the Admins, Moderators, and other Members
View and interact with Group Courses
View their Favorites
Receive Notifications
Use Link and File buttons

Learn more about navigating the mobile app here:

All About the Mobile App

Updated on: 07/02/2023

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