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Add an Account Manager

Account Manager

You can grant access to your profile to up to three members of your groups. This Manager role is useful if you have others assist with your SocialGlow groups.

This feature is available to those with either a Premium or Platinum subscription. The person(s) whom you assign do not need a subscription, but you as the Main Account would.

When you assign someone as a Manager of your account, they essentially are logging into your dashboard with their own set of login credentials:

They will have access to the SocialGlow dashboard, and can manage your account from there. This will not include any of your personal or billing information.

Managers will have all the same abilities as you. They can edit, create, and delete anything from the dashboard.

Any content they create or edit on the dashboard (such as Groups, Templates and Courses) will also reflect on your dashboard.

By default, they will be assigned as Admins of each of your SocialGlow groups.

Any templates or individual posts/comments they schedule to your groups from the dashboard will be published as your name.

Note: Any posts or comments a Manager makes from within the group will be published as their own name. If they want it to publish as the Main Account's name instead, that would need scheduled from the dashboard.

How to Assign a Manager:

From your SocialGlow dashboard, select Settings and make sure you're in the Account Settings tab.

Select the Manage Users tab.

From the dropdown box provided, choose the email address of the person you want to manage your account.

They will be sent an email notification of this permission change.

How to Remove a Manager

Navigate to the same Manage Users tab from above. All current managers will be listed on this page.

Click the Delete icon beside the Manager you want to remove.

A window will pop up, asking you to confirm this change.

That person will no longer have access to your dashboard, and will be downgraded to the Member level of any of your groups they are in.

They will still be able to log into their SocialGlow account to interact with any groups they're a member of, but will no longer have managing or admin rights.

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Updated on: 12/03/2024

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