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Welcome Tour of Your SocialGlow Dashboard


This is an overview of SocialGlow features and a tour of your new account, for paid SocialGlow subscribers.

If you do not have a paid subscription, but rather have a free account instead, this article will be more helpful!:

It's important to realize that your account is split into two parts:

Dashboard - This is where the management of your groups occurs.
This is where you create and manage your groups..

SocialGlow - The hub of all of the SocialGlow groups you are a member of - both ones you've created, and any others you may have joined.
When you log into your SocialGlow account, you'll be directed here. This is where you'll actually be viewing the groups and interacting with other group members.


Navigate to your dashboard:

Log in to your account.

Click the Go to Dashboard icon in the top corner of the page

You are now viewing your dashboard.

The Stats section shows the number of sales, contacts, and posts made over the last 30 days.

Training videos are viewable here.

Easily access your dashboard menu on the left to navigate to different sections of your dashboard.

Let's go over the options given in the lefthand dashboard menu:

Click any topic to view an expanded guide


This lists all members who have joined any of your SocialGlow groups. It will include the email address and (optional) phone number they had given when joining.
You can add notes, tags, and easily export your contact list to your device.


This is the heart of SocialGlow, the space where you and your guests interact with each other and your posts.

There are many features you can add to groups, including:

Calendar Events: Highlight important dates for your group members to be notified of.
Membership Questions: Add questions for new members to answer upon joining
Gamification: Award points to build community and boost engagement.
Topics: Assign your posts to different topics, making it easy to browse a collection of posts you've made about that topic.
Link Buttons: Allows you to create a button for any web link that you want to be easily accessible for your members.
Rename Roles: Instead of using the terms Host / Co-Host as roles in groups, you can assign custom names.


This feature can be used to incorporate lessons in any of your groups.

There are many ways to customize these lessons to best work for you and your business, including:
Can be optional or required
Can be released all at once, by calendar date, or on a drip schedule
Can be available to all group members, or restricted to only specific members

Note: The Courses feature is included in our Plus and Premium subscription plans

Content Calendar

This handy calendar will show all posts and events scheduled to your groups at a glance. You can view by month or week and click anywhere to preview the post.


A template is a collection of all posts that you want to schedule to a group, all together in one list. This is helpful if you consistently post the same content in your groups.

Post Library

This is a great way to store and organize individual posts, so you can reuse them without having to re-create them each time. Library posts can be scheduled to post directly to a group, or added to a template.


Connect your account to the payment service provider Stripe. With this connection, you're able to set up paywalls for your clients to gain access to your groups.


View or change your account and profile settings from here, including:

Personal details such as Name, Email Address, Password
SMS Credits
Link Buttons
Integration options, such as Zapier and ConvertKit
Custom Branding
Add Managers to your account


From the support tab you can find FAQs, popular articles, and a link to our SocialGlow Help Center, where you can search for SocialGlow articles.

Our support team is also available LIVE every day from 8am - 10pm CST, and can be reached using the Help Chat icon in the lower corner of your dashboard.


Click the Go to SocialGlow button at the top of your dashboard, to navigate to your SocialGlow groups.

This page will list all SocialGlow groups you have created, and any you have joined yourself. Click on the group that you'd like to view.

You're now viewing the group! This where you can view and make posts, and interact with other group members.

Quick overview of top group features:

Create a variety of posts for your group like Picture, Video (both uploaded and video links), GIFs, and Product posts.
Any website links you put in the text will appear clickable and generate a preview from that site.
Everyone can easily comment with text, GIFs, or images, and reply to other comments, and be notified to stay in the loop.
Group members can Glow (similar to 'liking') a post, and/or save it to their Favorites.
Any link buttons added to the group will be visible to your group members here.
Group members have access to any files you have uploaded to any of your posts, which can easily be saved or downloaded.

Click here for more information about using SocialGlow groups from the mobile app:

Using the mobile app is the easiest way to interact with your groups and members - especially on the go! This can be a crucial resource in running a successful group.
We strongly recommend both you and your members using the mobile app whenever possible.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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