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SMS Notifications

SMS text notifications are an optional feature, where SocialGlow will send SMS text messages to your group members, if enabled.

Here's how to enable this optional paid feature:

NOTE: This does not affect the normal free mobile app, email, and push notifications that your guests will automatically receive.

Go to your Profile Settings, and click the Credits tab.
You can purchase credits from here. The card you have on file for your subscription is the payment method that will be charged.
You can also opt to automatically refill your credits, or leave that disabled.
Each text sent per guest = 1 credit.

Each text that gets sent per guest = 1 credit.

Next, go to your group settings.
Click the Step 2 tab.
You'll have the option to turn SMS notifications ON for that particular group.
Click the Save button at the bottom of that page.

How Your Guests get Notified via SMS Text Messages

When your guest RSVPs to your Group, they are given the option to enable SMS notifications, which are text messages sent directly to their phone.
Each text sent will use 1 credit, per guest that text was sent to.

From our Privacy Policy: We collect your phone number specifically for the purpose of communicating with you via SMS text messaging. We do not share or sell your phone number with any third party.

For group members who have enabled this option, they will receive a text reminder at:
The start time of your Group, if this when creating the group
The time of any Events you had added to that Group

Updated on: 22/04/2023

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