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Push Notifications (Web/Internet Browser)

Internet Browser or Web Push Notifications

The SocialGlow system is capable of sending free Web Push Notifications. This means that when you’re on the internet, the browser you use could allow a notification to pop-up from the SocialGlow software.

This works on any device with internet access, but it might be less dependable than using the SocialGlow Mobile app.

Here are a couple things to be aware of for Web Push Notification Troubleshooting:

Most internet browsers support Web Push notifications. But some browsers like Safari and Internet Explorer do not.

Here is a handy resource to check to see if your own device/browser will support Web Push notifications:

Make sure you have the latest update for your device/browser for best performance.

If it seems like your device/browser is supported and up-to-date, you might want to double check certain settings to be sure Web push comes through properly.

Enable on Windows:

Enable on Mac:

To learn about all the available SocialGlow Notifications, check out this article:
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Updated on: 11/04/2023

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