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SocialGlow Notification Guide

Guide to all SocialGlow notification types

Notifications are those alerts that pop up on your phone, tablet, or computer to remind you or inform you of something you may want to know about.

With SocialGlow, we understand the importance of providing notifications - both for you to stay aware of new activity in your group, and also for your members to stay engaged. We also know that different folks may prefer one notification type over another, so we've provided several options.

Here are the notification options for you and your members:
Mobile App recommended
Internet Browser / Push Notifications
SMS Text (optional paid feature)

Free Notification Types

SocialGlow Mobile App

Using the mobile app is the easiest way to interact with your groups and members - especially on the go! This can be a crucial resource in running a successful group.

We strongly recommend both you and your members using the mobile app whenever possible.

As a SocialGlow subscriber, you'll be notified about all of your groups, as well as any you've joined from other SocialGlow users.
Your group members will be notified of the group(s) they have joined.
When allowed on your device, these notifications will pop up on your device screen for quick and easy access.
In the app, the Bell icon indicates any new notifications. When you click on any notification listed there, you will be directed to that particular post.

Complete guide to the free mobile app:

Internet Browser or Web Push Notifications

The SocialGlow system is capable of sending free Web Push Notifications. This means that when you’re on the internet, the browser you use could allow a notification to pop up.

This works on any device with internet access, but (depending on your browser) it can be less dependable than using the mobile app.

Complete guide to push notifications:

Email Notifications

Email notifications alert you and your group members at the following times:

The start time of your group (if this option was selected when the group was created)
Any events that have been added to the group

These emails are sent 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time, and provide a link that will take them directly to the group.

Optional Paid Notification Type

SMS text notifications are an optional feature, where SocialGlow will send SMS text messages to your group members, if enabled.

For group members who have enabled this option, they will receive a text reminder at:

The start time of your Group, if this when creating the group
The time of any Events you had added to that Group

Complete guide to SMS text notifications:

Updated on: 22/04/2023

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