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How to Change your Notification Settings / Preferences

We understand the importance of providing notifications for you to stay informed! We also know that folks have different ways they prefer to be notified, so we've offered several notification types. You have the option to edit your preferences at any time.

For an explanation of each notification type available, please see our comprehensive SocialGlow Notification Guide.

How to change your notification settings or preferences

From the SocialGlow mobile app:

Navigate to the group you want to change your your preferences for.
You can do this by clicking on that group name as it appears on your newsfeed.
Or, click the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar, and select the name of the group you want to edit your preferences for.

Click the 3-line icon in the top corner of the screen.

Select the Notification Settings tab.

You can toggle on/off your preferred settings from there.

The Watch All New Posts option here would send alerts for all new posts made in that group, and comments/replies made within those posts.

From the website:

Log into your SocialGlow account at
Select the name of the group you want to change your preferences for.
Click the gear icon beside the group's title.

Select the Notification settings tab.

Toggle on/off your preferred settings.

If you want to turn on/off notifications for the SocialGlow mobile app entirely, you would need to do this from your phone's app notification settings.

Learn more about using Social below:
Comprehensive Notification Guide
Group Member's Guide: SocialGlow Mobile App

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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