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SocialGlow Mobile App: Notifications

Using the SocialGlow Mobile App is the easiest way to be notified of anything occurring in your groups. It’s free and easy to download from the App Store / Google Play Store, and the latest updates make sure you never miss a new feature.

We strongly recommend both you and your members using the mobile app whenever possible.

TIP: Be sure to search for "SOCIALGLOW" as one word.

As a SocialGlow subscriber, you'll be notified about all of your groups, as well as any you've joined from other SocialGlow users.

Your group members will be notified of the group(s) they have joined.

When allowed on your device, these notifications will pop up on your device screen for quick and easy access.

In the app, the Bell icon indicates any new notifications. When you click on any notification listed there, you will be directed to that particular post.


If your device doesn't seem to be the receiving mobile app notifications, you may need to enable app notifications on that device. Go to your device's settings, navigate to the Notification or App settings, and enable SocialGlow from there.

Notifications settings example

For more information about using the mobile app, please visit our guide here: All About the Mobile App

Updated on: 22/04/2023

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