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Creating Topics

Creating Topics

You can assign your posts to different topics, making it easy to browse a collection of posts you've made about that topic.

The steps below cover how to add topics to an existing group. If you're creating a new group, jump to step 3 below.

From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Groups.

Under the Actions column, click the Group Settings icon (looks like a gear)

Click Create Topic

Type in the name of the topic. You can keep clicking the Create Topic button to add as many topics as you'd like.

Once finished, click Save at the bottom of your changes.

Assigning a Topic to your Posts

Now that you've created your topics, you can assign a topic to any post you create in that group.

There will be a Filter by Topic feature are the top of your group, where you can select which topic you'd like to browse, and it will show all posts that have been posted under that topic.

Updated on: 04/07/2023

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