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Schedule Posts and Templates to your Group

How do I schedule posts or templates to my group?

You're able to schedule posts to your group. You can both create and schedule individual posts, or you can schedule one of the templates you have saved to your account.

From your SocialGlow dashboard, select Groups from the menu, then click on the name of the group you want to schedule posts to.
At the top of the page are two buttons: Add New Post and Schedule New Template.

Adding New Posts:

Click the Add New Post button

There are 3 different post type options given here: Add Media, Product, and Live Video

Add Media (This is the default option)
Select this option if you want to create a post that includes any type of media such as:

Use the Upload Media section to upload your video, picture, or GIF files to the post. You can add multiple to a single post.

You can add any text, website links and/or video links directly in the Message box. The system will generate a preview of a link once posted.

Product Post
Select this option if you want this post to be in a sales-type format.

This type of post gives more variety for any items you are selling, such as:
Product Title
Product Price

Live Video
Select this option if you are scheduling a post notifying your group members when you are streaming live.

For the Live Video Link section, you would enter the link of the location you'll be streaming at (such as a YouTube live event link, or Zoom meeting link).

For more information on scheduling a Live stream: Click to view article here

After your post information has been filled out:
Designate each post with the date and time you want that post to be published.
Select your preferred Comment settings
Click Create Post

Optional: Toggle the Add to Library switch to add this post to your library.

That post will now be listed as pending in that group, and will publish at the time you had scheduled it for.

Scheduling a Template:

Click the Schedule New Template button

A new window will pop up. Select the template and choose the Start Date (This is when Day 1 posts will begin posting).

If you selected the current date as the Start Date here and the time of the first post(s) in that template has already passed, it will ask you if you want it to publish the first post(s) or skip them.

NOTE: If that template had used Replacement Tokens, the system will prompt you to enter them to customize the posts. You can learn more about using Tokens here: How to use Replacement Tokens

Your posts will now show as pending in that group.

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Updated on: 04/07/2023

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