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Assigning Roles | Moderators and Admins

Assigning Roles

You are able to assign a group member's Role to either Moderator or Admin


Have the ability to:
Create posts within the group room
Privately chat with the members of that group
Pin posts
Disable comments on posts
Delete posts

Any group member with a free account can be made a Moderator


Have the same privileges as Moderators, plus have the ability to:
Access that group via their own SocialGlow dashboard
Schedule posts and templates to that group

Only other paid subscribers of SocialGlow can be made an Admin

To Change a Member's Role:

Click on Groups from your dashboard menu.

Under the Members column, select the number listed beside the group you're wanting to make changes to.

All the members of that group will be listed on this page. Find the member's name on that list, open the dropdown box to the far right of that name (under the Roles column), and select either Moderator or Admin.

If you had previously created custom role names for this group, those options will be listed here instead of Moderator and Admin.

You'll be asked to confirm that Role change.

That member's role has now been changed.

If Admin was selected, you'll receive a pop-up box notifying you that member was sent an invitation to become an admin, which they can accept or decline. We'll notify you of their decision.

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Updated on: 09/11/2023

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