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Block or Restrict a Member

Block or Restrict a Member

Sometimes you may find it necessary to block a member from one of your groups. There are several variations of this action available:

Ban: Banned users will not be able to come back to that group.
Block: You will not be able to see that user’s content in SocialGlow anymore, and the blocked user will not be able to publish any content to your groups.
Mute: The same as blocking, except you will be able to privately message each other.
Remove: This removes the user from your group, but they will be able to rejoin your group.

Click Groups from your dashboard menu.

Under the Participants column, click the blue number beside the group you're wanting to block a guest from.

Find that member's name in your list of participants, and click the icon to the far right.

A new window will pop up, listing several different options. Select the action you prefer.

That guest is now restricted according to the action you had selected. Their name will be now be grayed out in that list.

Note: You can unblock a member anytime, by selecting that icon again and choosing to unblock.

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Updated on: 17/01/2023

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