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Change Notifications Settings | Mobile App

How to change your notification settings

You can edit your preferences and the type of notifications you receive at anytime, straight from the mobile app

Open the SocialGlow mobile app and log in.

Navigate to the group you want to change your your preferences for.
You can do this by clicking on that group name as it appears on your newsfeed.
Or, click the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar, and select the name of the group you want to edit your preferences for.

Click the gear icon in the top corner of the screen

Choose Notification Settings

You can toggle on/off your preferred settings from here

Types of notifications available

Watch New Posts

Receive alerts for all new posts made in that group, and comments/replies made in those posts.

Watch Posts I Interact With

Receive alerts for any comments/replies made in posts you have 'glowed' or commented under.

Push (Web Browser)

This option would enable notifications through your web browser, and would include being notified of new posts, replies to your comments, and if you are tagged in a post or comment.

SMS Text

Your group's admin may opt to send SMS (text) notifications when there is an event that is about to start.
You would not receive a text message for new posts, comments, or tags.


With this option, you would receive an email when a group you are in has an event that is about to start.
This would not include being notified of new posts, comments, or tags.

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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