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How to Go Live with YouTube Right Away

How to Go Live Right Away Using YouTube

Using YouTube is the best option for streaming Live videos to members right inside your group, because they will not be taken to another website.

Note: This is set up from your desktop computer unless you have at least 50 subscribers to your YouTube channel and have “Mobile Live” as an option.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions.

Going Live Immediately in your Group

Log into or create your YouTube account.

Click on the video Create icon in the top bar.

Select the Go Live option. If you have not previously enabled the “Live option” you may need to complete that first and then return here. In some cases there may be a 24 hour delay.

Next you will fill out any pertinent information for your Live Stream; ie, name, description, category, thumbnail if desired, audience, etc.
Make sure to keep the visibility either as “Public” or “Unlisted”.

TIP: Create a thumbnail for your videos that says “I’m Live, click me!” so there is no confusion.

Click Done when finished.

While still on the Stream Preview screen, click on Share to get your share link.

Copy that link to your clipboard. Do not close out of this YouTube window.

From another browser tab, switch over to your SocialGlow group. Go to create a new post. Select the Live Video tab, and paste that share link in the Live Video Link field, and post it. Your members will be able to click on this post to watch your Live video directly in the group.

Return to the YouTube Stream Preview and click the Go Live blue button.

You’re now Live Streaming in your group!

Tip: Since your members will be viewing your video on SocialGlow, that is where they'll be commenting. It may be a good idea to have SocialGlow pulled up on a separate screen, so you can view and interact with them while streaming.

If you want to Schedule ahead for a Live Video at a later date and time, check out this article:
Schedule ahead a Live Video Stream using YouTube - Schedule a post for a Live Video

Updated on: 01/11/2023

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