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How to Go Live (via Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

How to Go Live (via Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)

If you want a group live stream (i.e. you want to have multiple people on camera at the same time) then you can use any meeting service like Google Meet, or Zoom. Basically any service that gives you a meeting link.

This tutorial will go over Zoom in particular, but the steps will be similar for any live streaming service.

You can watch the full video tutorial below or continue reading for written instructions.

Get your meeting link to share in your post:

Log into your Zoom account and click New Meeting.

Click the arrow beside the Participants tab, then select Invite.

A new window will pop up. Click the Copy Invite Link button at the bottom.

Create a Live Video post in your SocialGlow group:

Note: You must be either a host or co-host to be able to create a Live Video post.

Navigate to the SocialGlow group you want to go live in.

Click the Live Video tab, paste your meeting link in the field provided, and click Post.

Your group members will be able to click Join Live Video on the post you had just created, which will launch your live video.

Tip: Since group members will be viewing your video on SocialGlow, that is where they'll be commenting. It may be a good idea to have SocialGlow pulled up on a separate screen, so you can view and interact with them while streaming.

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Updated on: 01/11/2023

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