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How To Go Live

How to Go Live in your SocialGlow Group

SocialGlow supports live video streaming in three different ways.

1. Streaming via the SocialGlow mobile app

If you prefer to go live from the SocialGlow mobile app without needing to link to another program, this option would be the best fit.

This feature is available to those with either a Plus or Premium subscription.

This is the most seamless way to livestream from your phone. Instead of linking to another program, you can just choose the LIVE option when creating a new group post, and start streaming right away.

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2. Streaming via YouTube Live Stream

If you want a “one-to-many” live stream (i.e you want to stream yourself while others can only watch and listen, and comment) then you will want to use YouTube Live Streaming.

This option has the benefit of the live stream happening directly inside your SocialGlow group. In other words, when your guests click the live stream it doesn't open a new tab or take your guest to any other website.

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Here's how to schedule ahead to go Live at a later time:
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3. Streaming via any other live streaming service like Google Meet, Zoom, OneStreamLive, and others.

If you want a group live stream (i.e. you want to have multiple people on camera at the same time) then you can use any meeting service like Google Meet, or Zoom. Basically any service that gives you a meeting link.

In this case, the meeting opens in a new tab or window separate from SocialGlow.

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Updated on: 18/12/2023

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