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Using StreamYard to go Live

Using StreamYard to go live in SocialGlow

If you use StreamYard to go live in multiple social media accounts at the same time, you may be wondering how you can include streaming to SocialGlow. Essentially, you will stream directly to your YouTube channel, and use that YouTube link in your SocialGlow group.

This article covers live streams specifically. If instead you have a previously-recorded stream or video:
You can either download the video or obtain the share link and include that in your SocialGlow post.

Creating a Live Stream on StreamYard

Log into your StreamYard account.

If your YouTube channel has not already been linked to your account, be sure to complete that first under the Destinations tab of your StreamYard account.

From the homepage, click the Live Stream option.

A window will pop up. Be sure of the folllowing:
The Studio icon is selected
Your YouTube channel is selected as on of the destinations for this stream.

Fill in the details of this live video:
Privacy (select either Public or Unlisted)
(optional) Schedule for a future time.

Click Create Live Stream.

Your Live Stream is now created.

Obtaining your YouTube live video link

Now that the Live Stream is created, you'll have a YouTube link generated for this live stream.

Sign into your YouTube account.

Click your Profile picture in the top corner, and select View your channel

Click the Manage Videos button

Select the Live tab

Beside your upcoming live steam, select the 3-dot icon.

Select Get sharable link, and the link to that video will be copied.

Post or Schedule your live stream link:

You can now include this link in a new SocialGlow post.

Manual post:

Scheduled post:

Going Live

Once it's time to go live, go back to StreamYard and click Go Live in the top corner of the live stream you had created.

You're now streaming live! The post you had created on SocialGlow will be streaming directly in your SocialGlow group.

When you're finished, click the End Stream button in the top corner of StreamYard.

Learn more about going Live here:

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Updated on: 14/05/2024

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