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Using OneStreamLive to go Live

Using OneStreamLive to go live in SocialGlow

If you use OneStreamLive to go live in multiple social media accounts at the same time, you may be wondering how you can include streaming to SocialGlow. Essentially, you will stream directly to your YouTube channel, and use that YouTube link in your SocialGlow group.

First, you will need to create a Scheduled Live Event on OneStreamLive.

Creating a Scheduled Live Event on OneStreamLive

Log into your OneStreamLive account. If your YouTube channel has not already
been linked to your account, be sure to complete that first.

From the taskbar at the top of the page, click the Scheduled Live Events icon.

3 Scroll down, and click Add New Event.

A new window will pop up, where you'll fill in the details of this live event.

If you want to add a custom thumbnail, click Change Thumbnail and upload your preferred image.

Enter the Title, Description, and any Tags you want to show on this video.

Select the Date and Time (and time zone) you will be going Live.

Event Announcement: This will publish an announcement on your YouTube channel. Select how far in advance you want your announcement to publish.

In order for this to post to SocialGlow, an Event Announcement is required. This will generate the link needed to post to SocialGlow.

Your privacy settings need to be either Public or Unlisted, so your guests will be able to view your live video.

Click Next - Add Destinations.

A window will pop up, listing all social media accounts you have connected to your OneStreamLive account.

Make sure you toggle on the switch beside your YouTube channel listed here. Click Confirm.

Your OneStreamLive Scheduled Live Event is now created.

Obtaining your YouTube live video link

After the announcement has been published to your YouTube channel, you'll have access to the link generated for your upcoming live stream.

Sign into your YouTube account.

Click your Profile picture in the top corner, and select Your Channel

Click the blue Manage Videos button

Select the Live tab

Hover over your upcoming live steam listed, and select the pencil/Details icon

That video's link will be listed in the righthand column. Copy that link - this is what we'll be using to schedule your live video on SocialGlow.

Scheduling your Live Video on SocialGlow

On SocialGlow, click Groups, then under the Posts column click the number beside the group you want to go live in.

Select the Add New Post button

Select the Live Video tab, and fill in the post details:
In the Live Video Link section, paste the YouTube link you had copied earlier.
Select the same Date and Time you had chosen when creating your event on OneStreamLive
Click Create Post at the bottom of the page to save

Going Live

Once it's time to go live, log into your OneStreamLive account.

From the taskbar at the top of the page, click dropdown arrow beside the New Stream icon, and select OneStream Studio.

Make sure your camera and mic are toggled on here, fill in your Display name, then click Create.

Click the Stream icon near the bottom of the page, then select My Scheduled Events.

From the right-hand panel, click the Go Live button on the event you had scheduled.

You're now streaming live! The post you had scheduled in SocialGlow will have posted, so you will be streaming directly in your SocialGlow group. When you're finished, click the End Session button at the top of the OneStreamLive page.

Tip: Since your group members will be viewing your video on SocialGlow, that is where they'll be commenting. It may be a good idea to have SocialGlow pulled up on a separate screen, so you can view and interact with them while streaming.

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Updated on: 01/11/2023

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