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Livestreaming from the Mobile App

Livestreaming from the Mobile App

This feature is available to those with either a Premium or Platinum subscription.

With this feature, you can go live natively straight from the SocialGlow mobile app, without needing to link to another program.

How to Go Live

Open the SocialGlow mobile app, and log in.

Click the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar.

Select the group you want to go live in.

Keep in mind, you can go live in any group you are an admin of. You cannot go live in a group in which you are only a moderator or member.

Click the Create Post icon (looks like a pencil).

You can add a message to your post here. Then click the LIVE icon at the bottom of the screen.

A notice will pop up, alerting you that the live stream will begin after publishing this post.

Click the Publish Post icon in the top right corner.

You are now in the Live Stream window!

Use the icons at the bottom to:
Mute yourself
Turn your video off/on
Switch to your front rear-facing camera

Once you're ready, click Go Live.

At this time, a new post will be made in your group, and your group members will be notified.

Use the buttons at the top to view who is watching, and either view or hide comments.

Lastly, click the Stop button when you are finished.

Your post will remain in your group, where a playback of the video will be available for all group members to watch.

Learn more about other ways of going LIVE here:
How to Go Live

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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