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Using Member Levels in your Groups to Increase Engagement

How to enable and customize Levels in your groups

Using the Levels feature can help incentivize your group members to continue earning points to advance in rank.

Enable Levels

Go to your group settings:
From your SocialGlow dashboard, click Groups
Find the name of the group you want to edit, and click the Settings icon to the far right (looks like a gear)

Select the Step 3 tab at the top of the page
Toggle the switch to ON/blue beside:
Add Gamification to your Group
Enable Levels

Customize your Levels

Choose how many levels you want to use in the group. (You can have up to 9 levels total)

Select your preferences:

(optional) Name each level. If left blank it will remain titled Level #
Enter how many points the user needs to earn before ranking to the next level
(optional) Upload a custom image to replace the default badge given

To keep the shape of your custom image, the ideal size is 60x60 pixels with a transparent background.

Once you're finished customizing, click Save at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Viewing Levels within the Group

The following illustrates how levels are viewed from the free SocialGlow mobile app. Levels are also displayed in the website version, on the right-hand side of the group.

From the SocialGlow mobile app, click the Groups icon.

Tap on the name of the group you want to check.

At the top of the group, click the Levels/Points icon.

The current level and points earned will be displayed at the top of this page, along with a progress bar indicating how many points are needed to rank up to the next level.


A badge will appear beside each group member's profile picture when a comment or post is made. It will show either:

The member's level number OR

The New badge, if they have joined that group within the past 7 days

Learn more ways to customize your groups here:
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Updated on: 04/07/2023

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