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Track Member Activity

How to view and track your group members' activity

There are two ways to view your members' activity in your groups.

From your dashboard:
Viewing from the dashboard shows you the volume of their activity

From the SocialGlow mobile app:
Viewing from the app shows you the content of their most recent activity
Posts made

View from your dashboard:

Select Groups from your dashboard
Locate the group you want to explore, and click the number under the Members column.

The volume of activities each member has completed will be listed here.

If gamification is enabled for this group, each member's accrued points will also be available here.

For more info on Gamification and Points:

View from the Mobile App:

Log into the SocialGlow mobile app
Click on the Groups icon from the bottom taskbar.

Select the Group you're wanting to explore.
Tap the profile picture of any member you want to look into, anywhere it shows in this group (such a posts or comments made).

The content of that member's recent activity (posts and comments made, and any mentions of them) will be listed here.

Learn more about what members can do from the mobile app here:
Group Member's Guide: SocialGlow Mobile App

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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